I Just Want to Stay Home (Published 2021 ZONE6)

A collection of visual poems and written prose, made between London, UK and Accra, Ghana. This series of images is a reflection on notions of Home, identity, grief, and masculinity. Book ended by the death of my grandmother in 2017, a sequence of images serve as diary entries throughout several years of using my camera as a way of accessing spaces I felt uncomfortable existing in, often studying light, documenting and transforming the banal. 

The images are taken mostly in my mothers home in London and my grandmothers home in accra. This series culminates in a portrait of my mother that retroactively contextualises my practice up untill that point, the act of making this portrait put my actions as a photographer in to question for me and forced me to look back over the years I had been making images and inspect the narrative forming and what truths may have been lost to time.