‘I Just Want to Stay Home’ (left) is at the core of it, a study of light. Shot between Accra, Ghana and London, England, I documented what I saw in front of me, with my camera allowing me to occupy spaces I otherwise felt uncomfortable existing in. My practice allowed me to tell a personal and intimate story of "home". With the project book-ended by the death of my grandmother these nuanced themes of identity, family and ultimately loss through this narrative of introversion and displacement. Here the focus is on the individual image within the series allowing a new reading to the images within the context of this slideshow.

This slideshow juxtaposes the work with a project named ‘Heritage' (right), a project that re-contextualizes my family archival images in an inspection of adopted photographic conventions as well as the role of the photographer in the domestic environment and the subject of said photographs; inspecting the natural and subconscious “performance” of ones identity and our relationship to the camera. With the role of the photographer being anonymous or communal the juxtaposition of a sole storyteller integral to the making of the image puts into question the intention of the image and it’s larger purpose and place in context of a larger story.

With a slightly offset rhythm, the pairings of these images start to change and shift as the slideshow loops. This allows these images new and different pairings that shift the relationship between the left and right image.

My curiosity piques; Your reading and mine will never be the same.